The White Box: A Game Design Workshop-in-a-Box

Created by Gameplaywright

The White Box: A Game Design Workshop-in-a-Box
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The White Box is a book of essays about game design and a collection of generic prototyping components — cubes, dice, tokens, and more — to help you get the game idea out of your head and onto the table.

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$119,088.00 / 2,950 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

It's All Coming Together
15 days ago – Mon, Oct 02, 2017 at 11:58:05 PM

The Production Sample

Today, we received our final sample. This is one of the off-the-assembly line copies, just as the main shipment will come. Check out the photo at the end of this update.

You’ve heard the story about the Van Halen performance contract’s prohibition on brown M&Ms? Our similar provision — that the shrinkwrap must not have a seam on the bottom of the box as it’s standing — was faithfully observed. (Why that provision? Retailers tell us that when there’s a seam on the bottom, it makes boxes on their shelves more prone to topple.)

Final BackerKit Cutoff

If you haven’t filled out your BackerKit survey (just 4% of you) or contacted us to opt out of BackerKit, your final cut-off to receive your rewards shipment on time is October 10. Visit and use the form to recover your survey.

If you fill out your survey later than October 10, you’ll still get your rewards eventually, just not with the main shipment.

New Fulfillment Center

You may recall that we’re fulfilling to Australia and New Zealand from inside Australia, to Europe from the UK, to Canada from Ontario, and to the U.S. from Minnesota.

Since the last update, we’ve added a new fulfillment center in Shenzhen, China. We’ll use it to fulfill all orders with destinations outside one of the aforementioned regions. That will save as much as a month of transit time for those backers.


If you’re a retail backer, you should have received an email from Atlas Games’s sales manger, Travis Winter, about finalizing your order. If you didn’t get that email, drop him a line at, or call the Atlas Games office at +1 651-638-077.

Thanks for Backing

We’re grateful for your support.


Progress Report; PAX West
about 2 months ago – Fri, Sep 01, 2017 at 12:09:34 AM

Production Progress

As the production of physical editions of The White Box goes, the only thing to report is continued progress on the timeline outlined in our last update. We've rarely seen a manufacturer work as quickly and diligently on a project's prep and prepress as our representatives as LongPack are working now.

BackerKit Reminder

Please fill out your BackerKit survey, if you're part of the 5% of backers who haven't had a chance yet. Knowing what country you're in, especially, will help us make sure we have enough stock shipped to each of our distribution points.

PAX West

Jeremy and Jeff will be at PAX West this weekend (9/1–9/4). If you'd like to catch up with them to give feedback, ask questions, talk design, or show off the prototype you're working on, you can find them at the main food court on Friday (tomorrow!) from 3:00p to 4:00p. They'll be the ones who look like this:


Digital Editions Available; Physical Editions Update; Gen Con
2 months ago – Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 10:13:29 PM

Digital Editions Now Available for Download

Digital editions of The White Box Essays are now available for download. We worked hard on this and we hope you love it.

Things We Think About Games and The Bones: Us and Our Dice digital editions are also available now, along with the stretch goal downloads for Band or Album and Letter Head.

If you’ve filled out your survey you’ll get a download email from BackerKit shortly, unless you have an outstanding balance owed and its payment has failed for some reason. If your payment fails, you should get a notice from BackerKit to that effect.

If you’ve opted out of BackerKit, you’ll get download links via WeTransfer.

If you’re a retail backer, you are licensed to distribute The White Box Essays digital editions to your staff and to in-store customers who buy or pre-order The White Box physical edition from you. We ask that you make these folks aware that it's not ok for them to distribute the files further, in case it's not obvious to them. There's no DRM or terms-of-service checkbox; we're trusting that people will be grown-ups around this issue.

Be aware: BackerKit has been advertising maintenance downtime for this evening (8/15 at 5:00p PST). If you get an error around then, try again in an hour or so.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if something goes wrong or you have any questions.

Physical Editions Update

We have some bad news: Communications from our printer over the past few weeks have led us to the increasingly clear conclusion that they will not be able to reliably deliver physical editions of The White Box on the timeline they promised us, or even on a timeline that would allow us to fulfill your rewards in October, as we promised you.

We have explored and discussed all feasible options to remedy this. None of them include the likelihood of an October delivery, so we chose the fastest option that gave us the most confidence, which was to move the production to a new printer immediately. Optimism that delays will melt away often lead publishers to put off unpleasant decisions like these, but in our experience, delays compound more often than they disappear, so we felt a proactive approach was better than a wait-and-see approach. We were especially motivated to be proactive knowing that many of you are expecting to give The White Box as a holiday gift.

Our current projection is that The White Box will ship from Shanghai on October 7. It will likely take 5–6 weeks to reach the warehouses where it will be fulfilled. We are likely to be able to fulfill the majority of orders the week our shipments arrive, so most of you are still likely to get your rewards before the end of November. We will keep you updated.

There’s no two ways about it: We are very upset by this, and we apologize for it.

Meet Us at Gen Con

Jeremy and Jeff will be at Gen Con. If you’ll be there and want to talk about game design, publishing, manufacturing, or anything else, drop by our super-informal White Box meet-up at Taggart’s lounge in the Crowne Plaza hotel on Friday (8/18) from 6:30p to 7:30p.

We’ll be the ones who like like this:

Digital Editions Update; BackerKit Reminder
2 months ago – Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 06:29:17 PM

Digital Editions are Nearly Ready

We’re on track to deliver all digital editions (except the audiobook) early next week before we leave for Gen Con.

BackerKit Updates and Reminder

As promised, on Monday (8/14) we will lock down BackerKit surveys for those who have responded. (That’s 92% of you! Thank you!) After lockdown, we’ll process any outstanding charges for locked backers. Then, we’ll distribute digital editions via BackerKit’s file delivery service.

If you haven’t responded to your BackerKit survey, now would be a good time. Even if you’ve lost your survey email, you can use the form at the link below to request a new survey email.

If you don’t respond by 8/14, it’s not a big deal for us, but you won’t get access to your digital editions until you respond, and until after we return from Gen Con.

The obvious exceptions to all of this are backers who’ve requested not to use BackerKit, who’ll receive their digital editions via WeTransfer. If you haven’t responded to your survey and don’t want to use BackerKit, just email Jeff ( to let us know.

Questions? Issues?

As always, if you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to send a Kickstarter message or email ( But do keep in mind that we’ll all be at Gen Con next week, so responses may be slow for the next little bit.

BackerKit Test & Canadian Shipping
3 months ago – Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 11:16:06 PM

Survey Update

BackerKit recommends sending a small first round of surveys to roughly 5% of backers, to make sure everything's working as expected. If you get a BackerKit survey in the next hour or so, you're one of the lucky five percent. If the test goes well, we'll send the balance of surveys without a further campaign update. If it doesn't, we'll fix things and then send the balance of surveys.

Shipping to Canada, and Credits

We forgot to mention in yesterday's update that we have added a Canadian fulfillment partner since the campaign's end, and were able to take $5 off shipping costs for Canadian backers.

So, if you're in Canada, the EU, Australia, or New Zealand you should have a $5 credit in BackerKit. If something goes wrong, send a Kickstarter message or email ( and we'll get you sorted out.